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Educator Spending Accounts

TFA Connecticut distributes designated amounts of funds appropriated for classroom supplies, materials, equipment, professional development, project based learning and other educator expenses to its active Corps Members. The intent of this system is to allow our teacher-leaders to expend such funds, as they deem appropriate, to support the overall goals and vision of TFA CT, our partner schools, and the individual educator.

TFA CT - CM Educator Spending Account Request

Use this form to submit a receipt to be reviewed for a reimbursement or to request that an approved educator expense to be covered. Remember that the total expense of your request will be deducted from your personal available balance. Thank you!

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Recommended Expenses

Purchases can include but are not limited to:

Stationary, Writing/Drawing Utensils, Math Manipulatives, Science Lab Equipment, Supplemental Texts, RELAY Tuition Payment Plan Fee, Professional Development Experiences, etc.


Thanks for submitting!

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